Tiffany and Chris

Hey everyone! Happy Friday to ya. A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to join Tiffany and Chris in Brownstown Indiana for their great small town wedding. The ceremony took place at her parents lovely home, and the reception was held in what appeared to be a restored and converted old country store. The reception location was wonderful. Great textures and colors to work with and really interesting lighting. Possibly the best part of the entire event though was the time Tiffany, Chris, and I spent doing some fun artistic photos near the reception. Just down the block from the reception hall was an old abandoned paper mill, and some great railroad tracks to photograph on.  Tiffany and Chris were really open to any suggestions, and we did some really fun stuff. Hope you all like the shots, and congratulations Tiff and Chris!

This was actually one of the last shots that we did outside. The sun was setting and Tiffany saw the light coming through the windows and pointed it out to me. I positioned them on a hill near the train tracks to get the windows behind them in the frame. I lit them with a Quantum TD5R through a Zumbrella at 1/8 power.


This one was a lot of fun. It reminds me of when I was in high school. Two high school kids kissing against a wall with that giddy “can’t keep my hands off of you” love. That’s the kind of love that these two have. Just totally head over heals in love. It’s great to be around, to witness.


This is where having multiple flashes really pays off. I positioned Tiffany and Chris about 5 feet apart on the tracks. I used two flash units to light them. I used a Quantum TD5R on a stand hidden behind Tiffany pointed at Chris to light him, I then used a Nikon Sb-700 on a stand camera right to light Tiffany. All the while, I was adjusting my shutter speed to control the ambient sunset.


What you might think was a posed shot was actually a candid. I framed Tiffany with the cake and when I was ready I called her name. She turned from her conversation with her friends and gave me this beautiful smile. It’s one of my favorite candid shots that I’ve ever done. I had the Quantum flash on a stand pointed at the ceiling to add fill light to the sunlight coming from the large windows camera right (out of frame).

This is one of my favorite shots from the day. There were large windows on either end of the hall that we were in. As the sun dropped down it came through the front windows and really backlit everyone (from my position they were backlit) This created the really cool silhouette scene that you see here. No flash, all natural light.  It was a great night, great couple, great time. More than just clients, friends. See everyone back here Monday. Jason