Family Fun at the Krohn

Recently I did some family shots at one of my favorite winter shooting locations here in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Krohn Conservatory. The Krohn Conservatory is our local green house and conservation center. Inside the glass walls is 1,459 acres of lush greenery year round with one room changing “displays” with the seasons. Right now (as I’m sure you can imagine) they have a wonderful Holiday display including a poinsettia “tree”, several model train tracks in an elaborate display, as well as a Christmas tree that goes from floor to ceiling in the large entry way. It’s truly a great place to visit all times of the year, but especially this time of the year when things are colder outside and beautiful greenery outside is months away.

The family I had the privilege of photographing came to me through my sons football team. The little boy in the photographs was on Jackson’s team. The two of them were a blast to spend some time with and we really were able to get some wonderful shots. All of my shots this day were done with a 28inch Westcott Apollo Softbox. I used the one Apollo in conjunction with the beautiful diffused light coming through the aged greenhouse windows.  Hit the jump to see some more images from the day, and to see how they were made…

The shot at the top of the page was actually one of the last shots that we did that day. We were wondering through the final room (there are several different rooms at the Krohn) and I saw this wonderful diffused light coming in through the windows and trees just rim lighting the two of them perfectly.  I positioned my Apollo in front and slightly camera left. I asked Jennah to hug her brother and she obliged giving me the sweetest smile that I had seen from her all day. It is my favorite shot from the day by far.

Again I placed my key light (Apollo softbox) camera left and let the ambient coming in through the windows on the right fill the shadows on his face beautifully.

Lastly we have a shot of the two of them really showing their sibling love. The beautiful thing about this is the softness provided by the Apollo, really wrapping around their faces. This is what makes the super versatile, ultra portable softbox so much fun to use, and so easy to move location to location.

That’s it for me today. I’ll see you all again in a few days. Jason