More From Don…

Day 2!

As many of you know my buddy Don Giannatti came to town last month to teach one of his awesome work shops. While he was here we got to do lots of shooting and I wanted to share a couple more shots from day two with you. You might remember Amanda (pictured above) from my recent fitness shots. She’s a lot of fun and has great lines and poses so I asked her to join us! As you can see from the shot above, she has looks other than the fitness model look. The lighting for this shot was a single 4foot by 6foot softbox camera right with a white reflector camera left. I was really happy with the way this image turned out mainly because I love the carefree look on her face.

Again, this is Amanda. Same lighting setup but I wanted to show one of the other guys shooting with us the closeup ability of the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8. I absolutely LOVE the Tamron for doing portrait work. The Focus distance of the Tamron is 3 feet (compared to 5 feet on the Nikon). This doesn’t sound like much but 2 feet closer when shooting this tight is HUGE. Shooting in close keeping the eyes tac sharp like this makes it my favorite lens for shooting people.


For this last shot we went to my buddy Dave’s body shop. Dave always has something cool sitting around and this time he didn’t disappoint. For this shot we had lights everywhere. The main was a Nikon Sb-900 on a stand through an umbrella camera left. There was a Sb-700 on a boom over head to light the ground behind her, a Sb-700 in the car shooting out at the camera for the flair, a Sb-800 camera left lighting the back section of the car, and one more Sb-800 behind the car lighting the area back in there. We had a really great time shooting and I can’t wait for Don to come back to town again! I have some really cool things coming up soon to share. Stay tuned for a book announcement and some other cool things! Jason