First time in a long time!

Hi! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog but more importantly my website. I’m going to do my absolute best to blog on a regular basis from now on. I have TONS of weddings completed since the last blog post and many, many more coming up. There is no shortage of things to talk about and share!


Today I want to share a wedding that I did a few years ago in Columbus Ohio. The Bride (Chrissy) looked stunning in her modest length dress, while Adam (the groom looked dapper in his traditional tux with the added custom cuff links to give it that personalized feel.


The day was beautiful. Partly overcast (the way I like it) and warm. We spent the morning in the bridal suite where Chrissy enjoyed mimosas and good friends. After makeup was done, hair was pinned, and the dress was on, we made our way out to the beautiful courtyard for the nuptials. The wedding went off flawlessly leaving us plenty of time to do photographs around the beautiful grounds of Pennicle Country Club where the wedding was being held. Below are a few more gorgeous photos that we were lucky enough to be a part of. Even though it was a few years ago, this is still one of my favorite weddings. Thanks again Chrissy and Adam for letting Jason Lykins Photography be a part of your day!
















2011 Holiday Gift Guide

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year I get asked what are my favorite things. What things do I recommend for people to buy. For the past two years I have started using Amazon to make those recommendations. Click on the picture above or HERE  to see my guide. I will continue to update this list. Happy holidays and feel free to send me any of the things you buy off of the list ;)

Wedding at the Oasis

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about why I loved the rain and Sally and Ben’s wedding at the Oasis country club in Loveland, Ohio. Today I was forwarded an email from the Oasis, telling me that they were featuring that wedding on their site! If you are a bride in the Cincinnati area, you should definitely check out the Oasis. They’re an amazing staff, and it’s an amazing location for a wedding or group event. I have worked with them a few times now on weddings and events and it gets better every time I’m there.  So check out their feature of the wedding here, and be sure to check back here on Friday for some great photographic work!


I’m Back!

I’m back! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I as you can see from my previous post I was cooped up for about a month with a “bum” knee, then I was having server issues and the site was down for about a week… All of that’s behind me now and I’ve been out shooting like mad! I’ve been Shooting commercial, weddings, portraits… A little bit of everything! The shot above was done for David Hobby’s Strobist BootCamp 3 Contest. It’s a shot of Union Terminal in Cincinnati and I’ve outlined some of the “how to” and more importantly the thought process of how I came to the final image below.


The first thing that I did when I got there was determine what exposure I needed to make the lights on the building look good. I setup my tripod (because I knew that I’d be working in low light) and started adjusting. I knew that I wanted as “clean” of an image as possible so I set my ISO to 200. I also knew that I wanted a fairly wide aperture to allow the most “bang for my buck” out of my small flash units. I then put my Sb-700 on a stand to the left of the fountain set on Manual 1/1 triggered by a pocket wizard. This lit the water really nicely. I then moved to the foreground to start that lighting process. I had a few out takes of things that didn’t work so I’ll show you those and my thought process.



This shot was my attempt to rake the light across the bushes from the right. As you can see it was way too hot on the right bush so I scrapped that idea pretty quickly.

This shot was my experimentation of lighting the center. As you can see, the light was way too “hot” and not spread near enough so I decided to back it off to above my head on a stand and feather it up to spread the light more evenly over the scene.  You can see that shot here:


Once I had my foreground, background, and fountain set, all I had to do was wait for the ambient sky to drop. to the level that I needed providing the shot at the top of the post. This was good enough to get me into the finalists of the Bootcamp3 Assignment 3. In the end, I didn’t win. This beautiful shot won, and rightfully so.  I hope you enjoy this photograph, and the thought process for shooting it. See you again really soon with some more shots that I’ve done in the not to distant past. Jason



Skipped/Skipping a couple of days


Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been away for the last few days. I had surgery yesterday to repair my knee so I was dealing with all of that last week and this week. I’ll be back on Tuesday this coming week. Have a good weekend and 4th of July!



Photoshop World Orlando 2011 With Pictures

Shot at the Westcott Booth


Teaching some CS5 Goodness...

Hey everyone I just got back from a week in Orlando at Photoshop World!  I have wanted to attend Photoshop World for a few years now but I just never found the time to make it down to Orlando in March or Vegas in September. This year I went down to help my good buddy Terry White with his demonstrations on the floor.  I took a bunch of shots of Terry “doing his thing” at the Westcott booth, Manfrotto Booth, Adobe Booth, as well as some in class shots of him teaching the masses. If you don’t know by now I work with Terry over at the Best App Site where we review the best Apps available for the iOS platform. (You can see the most recent just by looking at the right side of this page)

My Buddy Terry White Teaching at the Manfrotto Booth


While I was down there to help Terry, I also had a lot of time to do some stuff that I wanted to do, and hang out with some of my other friends that I knew would be there. Raphael Concepcion or “RC” was teaching a pre-con workshop along with Matt Kloskowski on HDR.  I have known RC for a little while now, so I sat right up front and “heckled” him periodically throughout the class.  Anyone that knows RC knows that he’s awesome though, so he didn’t mind. We got to hang out a few times throughout the rest of the conference, enough that I think he was tired of me by the end of the week. Kidding.. But seriously I got to hang out with him, and I have to tell you all he’s not only a cool person but one hell of a Photoshop guru.

Then there’s Scott. Who could forget about Scott?  Scott Kelby is the President of NAPP and Kelby Media. Not only is Scott one of the most likeable, funny people that I know but he is also an AWESOME musician and singer! Wednesday night I went to the Photoshop World after hours party at BB Kings house of blues where Big Electric Cat (Scott’s band) provided entertainment with live music. They totally rocked the place! Big Electric Cat did one of the best cover shows that I have ever seen, and you can tell Scott is really in his zone on stage. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that Photoshop World is just an excuse for BEC to perform live for all of their friends. Kidding.  They did put on a great show though. I got to see Joe McNally and Moose Peterson “cutting a rug” for the crowd.  Tuesday night NAPP and the wonderful Nancy who runs the social media pages for them put on a “Tweet up” poolside at the hotel we were staying in.  Scott and I got to hang out a little while there but for the most part he was busy all conference long. He really puts himself out there for all of the fans, making himself available after every one of his classes and demos to shake hands, pose for pictures, or sign books. He’s truly there for the fans.

Brad Moore (Scott’s photo assistant) handled all of the photography at BB Kings. Not only is He Scott’s photo assistant, he is also a professional concert photographer and a heck of a guy. I’ve known Brad for a while now, and can’t say enough about him.

There were so many more people that I got to hang out with down there that if I right a paragraph about each you’ll be here for days so David Ziser, Damien Tepe, Alan Hess, Vanelli, Alan Brusky, David Rogers, Drew Gurian, Carly Adams, and everyone else that I hung with, you all rock and I’ll see you in Vegas in September.

So the best part of Photoshop World is… well everything is the best part actually.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the week. Most are taken with my iPhone but some were shot with my DSLR. Enjoy, and make sure you come to Vegas in September for the Photoshop World West!

Shot at the Westcott Booth


RC Teaching at the Manfrotto Booth

Me and V. at the after hours party at BB kings

Scott Kelby and Me at the closing Ceremony

How to get your photography on the web…

I wanted to take a moment and highlight an accomplishment by “RC” Rafael Concepcion. Rafael is the author of Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work Here’s the Amazon description:
For today’s photographer, a clean, professional-looking website is a must. But for most, the thought of having a site that displays your work like a pro seems either too expensive or too hard to create. How can you develop an eye-catching website that looks professional, updates quickly, and even helps you make some money in the process when your passion is photography and not coding? It’s easier than you think.

In Get Your Photography on the Web, RC Concepcion, curriculum developer for Kelby Media Group and one of the Photoshop Guys, takes you through an easy step-by-step process so you can build your own site from the ground up and have it look like you paid someone a lot of money to do it for you. Even if you know nothing about Web programming, this book will have you building a website in hours, not weeks.

You’ll learn:

* How to secure your own domain names and hosting space
* How to install WordPress on your website in as little as seven clicks
* How to add pictures, galleries, and Flash portfolios without learning any code How to sell your images online without having to make a single print
* How to incorporate Lightroom and Flash galleries into an already existing website

You’ll also find interviews and inspirational tips from people you will meet “Along the Way” to making your website. Plus, RC gives you free templates and Flash portfolio components to get you up and running without emptying your wallet.

The techniques RC shares in Get Your Photography on the Web are the very same ones he uses for some of the biggest names in photography—it’s like designing your website with a trusted expert looking over your shoulder. Best of all, you’ll walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that you did it all yourself!

Every photographer these days needs a professional website to display their work, even if they don’t intend on making photography their full time job. RC and the Kelby Media group has done a wonderful job with this book and I recommend it to every photographer that I know, no matter if you’re new to websites or a seasoned veteran.

You can pick up RC’s new book from Amazon here: Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work

A little Pocket Wizard Recognition

Photo courtesy of Pocket Wizard

I got an email last night from Terry telling me that Pocket Wizard had added my review to the products page of the Flex TT5 and TT1 on their Products page. You can see that page here. I can’t thank Ian over at LPA designs for his quick support for every question that I had during the process, and of course Phil at the Mac group for making it all happen. I know I’ve said it before but if you’re a Nikon/or Canon shooter check these things out they will make your life a whole lot better!

Make sure you check back Monday I have some exciting news, and something special for the Nikon Shooters. See you all then! Jason