No Photographic Merit today…

Today’s post has no photographic merit at all… If you are looking for something great and enlightening, check back Tuesday lol. Today I want to share with you something that made me laugh hysterically. My 5 year old twins are both in dance (ballet, jazz, and tap). They had their recital for this session of dance the other day and we were videotaping it. This was my daughter’s second time having a recital and by buddies first. So sit back and watch for a good Friday laugh..



Natalie and Midwest Promotional Marketing

A little while ago I got a call from my friend Natalie who I have done work for in the past. Natalie is a wonderfully talented stylist working for a really well known salon in the Cincinnati area. A year or two ago she entered a contest for a hair style magazine that she needed images done for. Together with her beautiful styles and my images, she won the contest and a trip. This time Natalie needed some new shots of herself as she was working for Midwest Promotional Marketing.. Besides being a really talented stylist, Natalie is also beautiful, so working with a modeling agency like Midwest Promotions is a perfect fit for her. A lot of what Midwest does is provides beautiful women for product promotions, corporate events, trade show models, booth receptionists etc. Natalie expressed her vision of the shoot and the images to portray sexy yet classy. With this goal in mind, we set out to do a combination of indoor shots as well as some outside stuff. What we got was some great images that I think show her personality, and beauty well. We started indoors against a white background with a two light setup. Up front and camera left we had a beauty dish as our main light. For the fill/kicker we had a strip box camera right and behind Natalie. I say fill because this was a slightly oversized strip box and I had it fairly close so the wrapping quality made it fill in some of the shadow side of Natalie’s face.

We moved on from there to a black background with a slightly different setup. The main was still the beauty dish camera left, and the fill was still the strip box, but instead of placing it behind, we moved it in front of Natalie and camera right. You can see the outcome above on the very first image in this post. Natalie’s beautiful skin, and awesome highlights separate her from the black background and really make her “pop”!

For the last few outfits/shots we moved outside to a few different locations. We found this great little gazebo down by a lake that was just too nice not to use. I setup a pair of Nikon Sb-700’s and utilized a high speed sync function to blur the background but keep Natalie lit really well. All in all I think these images turned out really well, and while this is just a very small selection of the final shots, they are my favorite of the day. Again, I think that they show her true beauty and wonderful personality. The next time you need a model, or models for your event think of Natalie and Midwest Promotional Marketing. Jason

Photoshop World Orlando 2011

Hey everyone! I’m glad to see you back here at There are some exciting things happening in the world of Photoshop, Photography, and design.  Photoshop World is coming up very quickly. If you don’t know what Photoshop World is let me try to sum it up in a few sentences. It is the largest gathering of photography and design professionals, and instructors in the world. It’s three days of learning hands on teaching, learning, and experience. There will be tons of live seminars on everything from Photoshop, Indesign, photography, design and photography business, copyright and more! Some of the notable instructors will be Adobe’s very own Terry White, NAPP President Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and many, many more! Along with the seminars there will be a whole convention center full of vendors showing their latest, greatest products. If you’re serious about taking your photography, design, or Photoshop skills to the next level this is the conference for you. I’m planning on getting down to Orlando for the pre-show events on Tuesday the 29th so if you attend make sure that you let me know! To find out more about the show, or to register click here. I hope to see some of you there! Jason

Funk Fest 2011

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Klosterman

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you the weekend Happenings at Jason Lykins Photography. Saturday night we attended Funk Fest at the Newport Syndicate in Newport Kentucky. I want to say a big thank you to the folks at Peace and Love Productions for putting on a great event. We used the event to display work, network with tons of models, art directors, and potential commercial clients. It was a great event! One of my favorite models Dawn Kohler (Pictured above) joined us for the fun. We love Dawn, she’s a dynamic, fun loving, easy to work with, wonderful model. I can’t say enough about her. I actually had an image of her displayed at the table:

a quick iPhone shot before the Jessicakes arrived

Of course what Jason Lykins Photography event would be complete without some treats from Jessicakes?

Some of the BEST cupcakes you'll ever try! Made by my friend(and designer) Jessica Rilling

Any evening you can spend with friends is a good one, but making new friends of potential clients made it a great one! Jason

Guest Spot Over at Terry’s Tech Blog

Come visit me at Terry White’s Tech Blog Where I’m reviewing the Pocket Wizards I talked about yesterday… See you there!

Pocket Wizard Beta Testing

A few months ago (actually more like 6 months ago) I received an email from Ian Ray of Pocket Wizard telling me that my Nikon Beta units were on the way. I’ve spent the last few months testing the units in different configurations and in different situations and I’m happy to say that they have performed wonderfully. I was chosen as 1 of 100 or so photographers around the country to test these units, some of the other notables being David Hobby of the acclaimed Strobist, Joe McNalley, Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of the Fstoppers just to name a few. I was both humbled and honored that they chose me to participate, and I hope that my contribution to the program was of some help. Below are some shots from the project. A few of which might be showing up in upcoming Pocket Wizard ads. Enjoy!

You can get the Flex TT5 For Nikon here

Annual Funk Fest At the Syndicate in Newport

This is Me

Next Saturday (January 29th) we are taking part in an awesome collaboration of creative people from the Cincinnati area. Put together by Kristina Ehrman an up and coming designer from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the show will be sure to create a lot of buzz in the area. Featuring some of the top entertainers, artists, musicians, and fashion notables from Cincinnati, there is something for every creative mind to see and do. Jason Lykins Photography will be setup there with a booth/area displaying some of our fashion/Glamour work. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10 but I have three to give away to the first three people that email me via the contact us tab. See you there! Jason

Hello world!

This is Me

Welcome To Jason Lykins Photography

Welcome to the site! This is the first official post for the brand spanking new website for my photography. I want to take a moment to thank some very special people without whom this could not have happened. First and foremost I want to thank Tom Seibert of Light and Pixels for designing and working his butt off to get this site moving. Tom has really put in some long hours, and devoted a lot of time to this site, so if you’re reading this, and you are even thinking about doing a website, you need to talk to Tom. He’s reasonable on price, and he works really hard to make your site exactly the way you want it. Don’t let his scary lighting fool you, He’s a super nice guy!

Tom Seibert

The next person that I have to give credit to for this happening is Jessica Rilling . Jess is the designer behind my awesome new logo:


I can’t say enough about Jess. I gave her an idea, basically what direction I was going and she ran with it. She too worked her butt off and put in some hours to make my logo exactly what I wanted. If you need design work done; logos, branding, brochures, etc. she has you covered!

Don Giannatti

Image by Frank Tuttle of Tuttle images

Last but not least I have to give a big thank you to Don Giannatti . I met Don through Tom, and another friend of mine Frank Tuttle last summer. Don came to Cincinnati and taught a two day lighting workshop out of my studio. We got the opportunity to talk about the state of photography and the importance of picking a direction and going with it. He convinced me that there are so many new photographers out there flooding the portrait, wedding, and senior markets that it’s driving the prices and quality expectations down. With my lighting talent, he convinced me to take a long hard look at going strictly commercial. We have stayed in contact and he has given me some great ideas, and advice which has led me to this point. Don is a great photographer, a wonderful designer, and cherished friend.  It is my goal to make Jason Lykins Photography one of the best (and most used) commercial photography businesses in the Cincinnati area. I hope to push the conventional thoughts on lighting, style, and processing. To do this I will follow the industry, keeping a watchful eye on what’s around the corner and getting to it first. Watching what great design firms such as LPK are doing and working closely with industry leaders such as my friend Terry White on the hottest new editing/post processing techniques will keep me and my company one step ahead of the rest. You can rest easy knowing your photographic needs will be handled professionally, by the best with Jason Lykins Photography