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Day 2!

As many of you know my buddy Don Giannatti came to town last month to teach one of his awesome work shops. While he was here we got to do lots of shooting and I wanted to share a couple more shots from day two with you. You might remember Amanda (pictured above) from my recent fitness shots. She’s a lot of fun and has great lines and poses so I asked her to join us! As you can see from the shot above, she has looks other than the fitness model look. The lighting for this shot was a single 4foot by 6foot softbox camera right with a white reflector camera left. I was really happy with the way this image turned out mainly because I love the carefree look on her face.

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Love the Rain

I sit here writing this as a therapy of sorts. My 5 year old twins are busy with a pen and the latest “Toys R Us” flyer circling what they feel is life or death important to them. Every toy that they don’t currently have that catches their eye, some that they already have, but have forgot about, and pretty much anything princess or pirate that is contained within those pages is getting circled to let me know that they “need it”.  So I sit here writing this post to tell you all about why I love rain on a wedding day, and why I actually look forward to it.

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Twin Golden Light



I hate school pictures… No offense to the photographers out there that work for Lifetouch or similar photo factories photo studios that have a strangle hold contract with schools, but I don’t like the backgrounds, the lighting, or the posing. Instead I’d rather take my own. My ex wife feels as though she should buy the pictures which means that she dresses them up for that day of school. During this last “picture day” I decided to take advantage of the extra cute clothes, and the beautiful setting sun. These shots were taken at Harbin Park in Fairfield, Ohio. It’s a simple park with an excellent view that lends itself to beautiful views with the setting Fall light. Since I took these shots everyone has been asking for the location, the camera settings, and lighting… Well I answered the first, on to the second and third!

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I’m Back!

I’m back! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I as you can see from my previous post I was cooped up for about a month with a “bum” knee, then I was having server issues and the site was down for about a week… All of that’s behind me now and I’ve been out shooting like mad! I’ve been Shooting commercial, weddings, portraits… A little bit of everything! The shot above was done for David Hobby’s Strobist BootCamp 3 Contest. It’s a shot of Union Terminal in Cincinnati and I’ve outlined some of the “how to” and more importantly the thought process of how I came to the final image below.


The first thing that I did when I got there was determine what exposure I needed to make the lights on the building look good. I setup my tripod (because I knew that I’d be working in low light) and started adjusting. I knew that I wanted as “clean” of an image as possible so I set my ISO to 200. I also knew that I wanted a fairly wide aperture to allow the most “bang for my buck” out of my small flash units. I then put my Sb-700 on a stand to the left of the fountain set on Manual 1/1 triggered by a pocket wizard. This lit the water really nicely. I then moved to the foreground to start that lighting process. I had a few out takes of things that didn’t work so I’ll show you those and my thought process.



This shot was my attempt to rake the light across the bushes from the right. As you can see it was way too hot on the right bush so I scrapped that idea pretty quickly.

This shot was my experimentation of lighting the center. As you can see, the light was way too “hot” and not spread near enough so I decided to back it off to above my head on a stand and feather it up to spread the light more evenly over the scene.  You can see that shot here:


Once I had my foreground, background, and fountain set, all I had to do was wait for the ambient sky to drop. to the level that I needed providing the shot at the top of the post. This was good enough to get me into the finalists of the Bootcamp3 Assignment 3. In the end, I didn’t win. This beautiful shot won, and rightfully so.  I hope you enjoy this photograph, and the thought process for shooting it. See you again really soon with some more shots that I’ve done in the not to distant past. Jason