Ring Girl Fun!

Not long ago I got the chance to shoot the Ring Girls of AAMMA for a promotional piece. The Goal was to shoot the girls for a poster that we’d be selling at the event. Before the shoot I brainstormed and looked to other Ring Girl photos from other MMA leagues for inspiration. I knew that I wanted to do something sexy with them but it had to be more than that. We needed a way to tie in the sport with the images. We did some images with the girls hands wrapped with the hand wraps that the fighters use but that was a little too literal and not quite sexy enough. What we ended up with was wrapping the girls in the hand wraps as an outfit (as you see above). As soon as I looked through the viewfinder I knew this was going to be the poster. The playfulness of Jamie tugging on Dawn’s strap mixed with the great look on their faces really works.

Along with the main shot above we did some individual shots of each of the girls and some other poses/looks. Hit the jump to see all of the outtakes and the shots that turned out awesome, but just didn’t make the poster. Jason

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