Twin Golden Light



I hate school pictures… No offense to the photographers out there that work for Lifetouch or similar photo factories photo studios that have a strangle hold contract with schools, but I don’t like the backgrounds, the lighting, or the posing. Instead I’d rather take my own. My ex wife feels as though she should buy the pictures which means that she dresses them up for that day of school. During this last “picture day” I decided to take advantage of the extra cute clothes, and the beautiful setting sun. These shots were taken at Harbin Park in Fairfield, Ohio. It’s a simple park with an excellent view that lends itself to beautiful views with the setting Fall light. Since I took these shots everyone has been asking for the location, the camera settings, and lighting… Well I answered the first, on to the second and third!

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No Photographic Merit today…

Today’s post has no photographic merit at all… If you are looking for something great and enlightening, check back Tuesday lol. Today I want to share with you something that made me laugh hysterically. My 5 year old twins are both in dance (ballet, jazz, and tap). They had their recital for this session of dance the other day and we were videotaping it. This was my daughter’s second time having a recital and by buddies first. So sit back and watch for a good Friday laugh..